Here's a Quick Clip of a 63-year-old Dr. J Dunking

Here's a Quick Clip of a 63-year-old Dr. J Dunking
June 11, 2013, 12:01 pm
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Our man AU gave you a teaser of the end of "The Doctor" movie that aired last night on NBA TV in which Julius Erving attempts to throw down a slam dunk at the young age of 63.

Thanks to the power of mobile phone technology and all that jazz, we can now bring you a short clip of the footage from the film.

From Andrew's Ten Cool Things About "The Doctor:"

10. He’s still got it. In the press meet before the movie, Doctor J was asked if he could still get up on the court. “I’ve got my one dunk in this year,” he answered. “We’ll see about next year.” And at the end of the movie, he proved it, first doing some vertical measuring of the rim and backboard, then finally taking off for a slam. The film cuts out a split-second before we see if he made it or not, but c’mon. He made it.

The short clip was taken by Ryan Kelly and we found it via Yahoo!'s Ball Don't Lie.

63 year old Dr. J has still got major ups. #TheDoctor

— Ryan Kelly (@RyanJKelly) June 11, 2013

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