Hey, Remember That Philadelphia Has a Professional Basketball Team?

Hey, Remember That Philadelphia Has a Professional Basketball Team?
February 20, 2013, 1:28 pm
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We had so much fun watching Jrue boss it up over All-Star Weekend that
we were able to forget for a brief, sublime while that he's got a
professional basketball team to come back to, and presumably play for
over the remainder of the season. He's back tonight, as is the rest of
the gang—except, of course, for Thad, J-Rich and the Funny-Looking Kid
With the Big Hair, who might practice in a couple weeks if he feels like
it and there's nothing good on TV that week. Sigh.

We're in
Minnesota, then, the Wolves having killed us earlier in the season with
their three-point shooting, even though they're one of the worst
three-point shooting teams in the league. What goodies will they have in
store for us? Well, however ironic way they want to beat us this time,
they're gonna have to do it without a bunch of their good players,
including All-Star power forward Kevin Love. The Sixers don't get a lot
of cupcake games in the immediate future—a home contest against the
Magic is the only likely W of their next six after this.

8:00 from the Target Center. If anyone in the Twin Cities area wants to go, Evan's got two free tickets.

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