How Many Games Do We Have to Play Against the Hawks This Year?

How Many Games Do We Have to Play Against the Hawks This Year?
April 10, 2013, 5:48 pm
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It may feel like the Sixers have played the Hawks 27 times in the last month, but actually it's only been 23 times. Meeting #24 will come tonight, as the Sixers host the Traveling Highlight Factory tonight in their fifth-to-last game of the season.

As little as this game means for the Sixers--and boy howdy, does it not mean much of anything--it's actually kind of important for Atlanta, since with the Bulls' somewhat humiliating loss to the Raptors last night, the Hawks are now just a half-game out of the #5 seed, and a potential matchup with the Brooklyn Nets, a significantly less-formidable opponent (for a team that has at least one player who can rebound, anyway) than the third-seeded Indiana Pacers. Plus, last time the Hawks lost to the Sixers at home, Coach Larry Drew was piiiiiiiissed, and when that guy gets mad, he probably mopes extra-hard

7:00 tip from the WFC. Jrue's 5-10 shooting outing against the Nets last night was enough to raise his field goal percentage all the way up to 26% in April, so with a 6-11 night (or something) tonight, he just might be on his way to Player of the Month honors! (As long as a re-invigorated Nick Young doesn't beat him to the punch, anyway.)
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