In Which Kevin Garnett Questions Your Dedication to the Sixers

In Which Kevin Garnett Questions Your Dedication to the Sixers
May 22, 2012, 7:01 am
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In short, you're all a bunch of bandwagon jumpers. Now, relax, we're not saying that.

Kevin Garnett is.
Following his team's Game 5 victory over the Sixers in Boston last night, the Celtic big was asked to compare the atmosphere in the Garden to what he had preciously experienced this series in Philadelphia.
Put on your outraged and/or apathetic caps and check out what KG had to say below, courtesy CSNPhilly's John Finger:

Garnett loves the big stage and he seems to thrive in hostile environments. So to ratchet up that animosity before Game 6, Garnett stoked the flames a bit by comparing the crowd at the Garden with the Sixers’ faithful at the Wells Fargo Center.

“Not even close,” Garnett said. “[In Boston] you got fans and [in Philadelphia] you got fair-weather fans. Take that how you want.”

Just for background, Garnett will talk shit on anybody for any reason at any time. That's pretty well-established at this point in his 17-year NBA career.

As for the actual substance of his quotes, well, you tell us: are you one of these people or one these people?
Oh, and while we're looking at attendance tables: ahem. Well, at least they've always turned out for the Bruins, right? Eeeh.
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