Jrue Holiday Goes All-Star Buck Hunting in Milwaukee

Jrue Holiday Goes All-Star Buck Hunting in Milwaukee
January 22, 2013, 12:32 pm
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Chances are decent–better than they should be, anyway—that if Jrue
Holiday doesn't earn his first All-Star bid this year (and for the
record, Grantland's NBA guru Zach Lowe has him as the goddamn starter),
it'll be because one of the guard spots is taken by one of the Milwaukee
Bucks' backcourt two-fer, Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings. Neither
have stats as good as Jrue in really any relevant category (Jrue has 'em
beat in points, assists, FG% and 3PT%), save one—wins, as the Bucks
have a respectable 21-18 record, while the Sixers are currently at 17-24
and slipping.

An immolation of Ellis and Jennigns tonight—in
The Damaja's last game before All-Star reserves are announced on
Thursday—could be the nail in the coffin for the undersized duo's
All-Star prospects. It wouldn't be a super-unwelcome occurrence for the
Sixers at large either, since if they don't get a W tonight, it could
very easily end up being four Ls in a row before too long, with games
against the Knicks and Grizzlies upcoming shortly after. It would also
be nice to get another big game from Evan Turner, who had his best game
in weeks last night against the Spurs, and who we could certainly use
more of a consistent effort from as the Sixers push to stay in the
playoff picture. You're running out of time to earn your way into the 25
Under 25, Evan.

8:00 tip from the Bradley Center. Don't let the Doug Collinses of the All-Star-voting world get you down, Jrue.

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