Jrue on All-Star Media Day: "If My Man ET Was Here, It Would Have Been a Lot More Fun"

Jrue on All-Star Media Day: "If My Man ET Was Here, It Would Have Been a Lot More Fun"
February 16, 2013, 5:24 am
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It's hard to read the on-court relationship of Jrue Holiday and Evan
Turner sometimes. For every time Jrue drives to the basket and hits Evan
at the elbow or in the corner for a wide-open three, it seems like
there's two or three times where they both try to take the ball up into
the half-court, or where Jrue ignores Evan on the weak side as he
motions for a pass with his man lingering a few steps off. The chemistry
is there, but it's imperfect, and sometimes you wonder if one isn't
happier running the team while the other one is sitting on the bench.
You wonder if, a couple years down the road, it might end up being a

But at the very least, it seems like their off-court
relationship is a pretty tight one. Neither has ever said anything even
remotely sniping about the other through the media, and when asked about each others' games recently,
they were pretty unreservedly complementary. And now with one of them a
part of All-Star Weekend for the first time in either's career, the
closeness between the two becomes ever-more apparent. During Media Day
yesterday, Jrue was asked about his first visit to All-Star weekend, and
specifically if he was gonna take a lot of pictures to remember his
first time, and apropos of virtually nothing, he shouted out the

I will...I'm obviously a  goofball. I'll goof around. If my man ET was here, it would have been a lot more fun...but, again, just happy to be here.

was then asked about some comments recently made by Clippers point
guard (and starting West All-Star) Chris Paul about how much better it
is to go to All-Star Weekend with a teammate, and asked if he could
understand that. His answer was similarly touching:

for sure. If somebody who you can hang out with ever day, inside jokes
or whatever, and maybe...again, just hanging out with them, and
experiencing this All-Star setting together...I dunno, that's something
that obviously, y'all could carry on for the rest of the season, and the
rest of your life.

Pretty sweet. We're
certainly hoping that Evan can make the jump to All-Star in Year Four
that the Damaja made this year, because we'd love to see them
goofballing it up together in New Orleans in 2014. And as far as reasons
not to trade ET
go, his friendship with Jrue might rank pretty down-ballot, but maybe
should be considered at least a little bit. Having a young team that
likes each other and can grow together...it's a tough prospect to give
up on in pro sports.
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