Let the Thadless Era Begin Tonight Against Indiana

Let the Thadless Era Begin Tonight Against Indiana
February 6, 2013, 1:15 pm
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I still maintain the news about Thaddeus Young being out three weeks
could have been a whole lot worse. By my calculations, he'll only miss
eight games—two of which the Sixers will probably win anyway, three of
which they'd probably lose anyway, and three for which it'll really suck
not to have him. If this is the worst injury the Sixers have to go
through this year—not counting the Funny-Looking Kid with the Big Hair,
obviously—we should consider ourselves something vaguely resembling

Tonight, though, comes one of those middle-category
games that we'd probably lose even with Thad, and will almost certainly
lose without him. After struggling mightily to begin the season, the
Indiana Pacers appear to have finally gotten their shit together, having
won their last four games (including tough ones against the Heat and
Bulls) and crawled their way up to the three-seed in the East. (They'd
only be 7th in the West, but whatever.) They're quicker, more talented,
and much, much tougher than the Sixers, and will probably beat them at
basketball tonight if Jrue and Evan don't play a couple of their best
respective games of the season.

7:00 tip from the WFC. Hey,
tonight we finally get that long-overdue Spence/Kwame frontcourt we were
promised in the off-season! Be sure to record your thoughts and
feelings watching this one, as they may be useful for posterity.

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