Let's Keep This Weird Arnett Moultrie Streak Going in Atlanta

Let's Keep This Weird Arnett Moultrie Streak Going in Atlanta
March 6, 2013, 1:19 pm
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The Sixers don't have a whole lot to play for tonight as they visit the
Hawks in Atlanta—no playoffs to contend for, no natural rivalry, even
the usual motivation of wanting to stick it to Lou Williams isn't really
there, since Sweet Lou's out for the season with a torn ACL. I never
like losing to the Hawks, so I do hope they win the game, but we are in
the midst of a race to the bottom of the standings, so perhaps getting
the W shouldn't be the first priority for the Sixers here.

I propose the Sixers spend the entire game trying to keep Arnett
Moultrie's consecutive field goal streak—12 in a row across four games,
and counting—going for as long as possible. Play him 25-30 minutes, put
him in lots of pick-and-rolls, let him leak out early on defense so
hopefully one of our guys can find him for an easy bunny at the other
end—and whatever we do, don't give him the ball outside of five feet
from the basket. Hey, gotta remain motivated somehow, and keeping this
weird-ass streak going seems as good a motivator as any. Let's see if we
can get him to 15-15, maybe even 20-20.

7:30 tip from Philips.
Hey Josh Smith, feel like joining us next season for like $12 mil a
year? You still have our number from five years ago, right?

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