NBA Fines Spencer Hawes for Playing in Unsanctioned Game

NBA Fines Spencer Hawes for Playing in Unsanctioned Game
July 3, 2013, 12:38 pm
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Spencer Hawes is a rebel. Just look at that headband. You know he used to run roughshod over Mr. Collins, smoking cigarettes in the bathroom while the rest of the team was busting it at practice, ditching early to ride his hog until sunset.

Now that the 76ers have no authority figure directly above Hawes, he’s a total loose cannon. Finally the NBA had to step in and ground the seven-footer.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski for Yahoo!, the Association has slapped Hawes with a $15,000 fine for playing in an unsanctioned basketball game, which is not as cool as it sounds. The hoops game in question was for University of Washington alumni, and Hawes is one of four confirmed penalized – Quincy Pondexter and Tony Wroten of the Memphis Grizzlies, and Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings.

Woj says under the current collective bargaining agreement, NBA players can’t play in public games between July 1 and September 15 without permission. Seems arbitrary, and given the swiftness of the punishment, almost as if the league was waiting to make an example out of these guys.

Spencer “The Outlaw” Hawes don’t give a damn. He plays basketball when he wants, where he wants – which is sort of the problem, no?

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