Nets' New Mascot Considers Losses But Mere Flesh Wounds

Nets' New Mascot Considers Losses But Mere Flesh Wounds
November 4, 2012, 6:35 am
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While the Sixers seem to be keeping their plans to reintroduce a mascot on the back burner, the Brooklyn Nets went ahead and somehow created something that wasn't a moose.

Sixers fans and watchers of the Atlantic Division at-large: meet the BrooklyKnight.

The Nets had their home opener at Barclays last night and dropped this guy in from the rafters (see picture right).

Not only does he have his own 32-page comic book (as the people at Marvel continue to expand their reach at every turn — c'mon, DC), but his name is actually kind of clever. You know...

Brooklyn Knight ----> BrooklyKnight ----> Brooklynite

The Nets play in Brooklyn now. If you hadn't noticed.

From the publisher's description:

The BrooklyKnight will appear at all Brooklyn Nets home games and support his team against the invasion of opponents. He is equipped to handle almost any threat with a protective metal B on his chest, metal knee, elbow, and face coverings, defined muscles, including a six-pack, and a multi-functional cape. (emphasis my own)

Now tell me you didn't already draw parallels between Doug Collins and King Arthur.

The Sixers tip off in New York at noon but they'll be over at MSG with the Knicks. Fill out the rest of the Sixers' Holy Grail roster as you will...

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