Next key date in Sixers' rebuilding plan? 'Early ticket renewal'

Next key date in Sixers' rebuilding plan? 'Early ticket renewal'
February 19, 2014, 9:55 am
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The Sixers' organization, by most accounts, is headed in the right direction. In the sense that, they've got a pile of something and they're trying to build something better out of it. You can't get much worse than just having a pile. Hence, right direction.

And the organization is smart enough to even have a blue print!

That Sam Hinkie doesn't just have calculators. He has plans, too!

The team handed out some variation of this blue print to fans at last night's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers which the Sixers lost in grand fashion. Following the plan.

Sixers' writer Jason Chad Wolf pointed out the next key date on the giveaway plan is "early ticket renewal." That's not due until February 26th! What about the trade deadline in just about 24 hours from now?

Alert Hinkie, the blue print may be faulty.

So what were the other key dates on this #TogetherWeBuild plan?

Sam Hinkie hired - (CHECK)

2013 NBA Draft - MCW and Noel - (CHECK)

Early ticket renewal - ( )

NBA Draft Lottery ( )

NBA Draft ( )

NBA Opening Night ( )


It actually looks like a nifty little giveaway in all honesty. Probably not extremely effective in getting cash for those ticket renewals though.

The #Sixers, by the way, gave out blueprints tonight listing the next key date in rebuild as "early ticket renewals."

— Jason Wolf (@JasonChadWolf) February 19, 2014

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