Of course Michael Carter-Williams' first word was 'ball'

Of course Michael Carter-Williams' first word was 'ball'
November 6, 2013, 12:39 pm
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There's probably a lot of similarity to the first words kids say: Ma-ma, Da-da, Isaiah Pead, dog, etc.

I think you'll be happy to know that the first word out of the mouth of exciting Sixers' rookie Michael Carter-Williams was in fact "ball."

Who cares that that's actually one of the top ten most common words for kids to say, it shows that MCW has been living, breathing, and speaking the game as long as he can remember.

And that's actually the point of a real nice Gordie Jones article over at CSNPhilly.com which helps paint the picture of who Michael Carter-Williams is and the basketball background that helped him turn into the player he is today.

Prior to last week he was the 11th overall draft pick out of Syracuse, had a lengthy body, and could be the point guard of the future but nobody really knew, or cared to find out, all that much more about him. With his breakout first week, however, the interest rises and we want to know as much about the kid as possible.

Jones' piece talks about the hoop heritage in his family, the step-father who helped him with his game, the unhappiness he went through early at Syracuse, etc. By all early indications, he's about as grounded as they come -- don't let the WHOP noise fool you.

It's a good read to get to know the guy you may spend years watching run your favorite basketball team.

>>Upbringing prepped MCW for NBA success [CSN]

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