Once Doug Collins Got to Swaggy P's Mom, It Was Pretty Much Over

Once Doug Collins Got to Swaggy P's Mom, It Was Pretty Much Over
September 27, 2012, 8:18 am
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Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach Doug Collins is a charming fellow. He's got a great energy, basically has a photographic memory, and is just generally enjoyable to be around when he's talking basketball.

One of the Sixers more curious acquisitions this summer was Nick Young, a shoot-first-and-shoot-as-often-as-possible scorer who will seemingly fill the void left by Lou Williams off the bench.

Young, known by those who follow him on Twitter as Swaggy P., is something of a character off the court.

In a discussion with CSN's Dei Lynam at his Welcome to Philly presser yesterday, Young said he never really saw himself coming to Philly before it actually happened.

But then Coach Collins was just so darn charming.

Collins and Young hit it off instantly, and a deal followed.

was shocked. I didn’t see this being one of the places I was going to
come to,” Young said Wednesday afternoon. “Doug called me early, 6 a.m.
L.A. time, and we were just talking and it was a great talk. He had a
good spirit to him. He talked to my dad and my mom and once my mom
started raving about him that was pretty much it.”

Swaggy P: Momma's boy.

>>Young never thought he would land with Sixers [CSN]

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Whats a good movie to go see tonight?

— Nick Young (@NickSwagyPYoung) September 15, 2012

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