Photo: The Time Jrue Holiday Dunked on Lebron James

Photo: The Time Jrue Holiday Dunked on Lebron James
March 14, 2013, 7:38 am
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We talked at length last night about Jrue Holiday's wonderful dunk over Lebron James to tie the game at 91 with a minute and change to play, calling it the moment of the year at the Wells Fargo Center, but we just found this awesome AP photo from behind the backboard of the instant the slam was about to go down and felt the need to post it.

It's just too damn bad that annoying rim is in the way and we can't see the look on Lebron's face at that given moment.

I was sitting in the press area behind the net at that end of the floor and I have to say the reaction in the building when Jrue threw that down and Lebron fell to the floor was amazing. The kind of goosebump-inducing moment that reminds you why you still watch even despite the 1-11 streaks.

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