Playing fast could actually help the Sixers tank?

Playing fast could actually help the Sixers tank?
November 13, 2013, 12:40 pm
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Are the Sixers helping their tanking cause by playing fast? It's an interesting theory and one explained in more detail in the below video by Tom Haberstroh for ESPN's TrueHoop.

The premise is rather simple: the better team (not the Sixers usually) increases the likelihood of winning the longer a game goes on. This gives the inferior team (usually the Sixers) less of a chance of "catching lightning in a bottle" and finding a way to win.

I'm not really following his point that Evan Turner upping his personal numbers has anything to do with helping the Sixers tank as a team. And yeah, I guess it is more fun as a fan watching a team play fast.

The Sixers will have their hands full on Wednesday night with Sam Hinkie's old club, the Houston Rockets. More on that mismatch here.

UPDATE: Having some issues with the video embed? Just try watching it here.

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