Poll: Does Lavoy Allen Bring the Ruckus?

Poll: Does Lavoy Allen Bring the Ruckus?
February 14, 2012, 11:41 am
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The 20-9 Sixers have achieved their early goal of winning 20 games before dropping 10. This impressive start has garnered them a bit of national attention, including a nice post over at Grantland today touting the Sixers as the striving middle class of the NBA, earning wins on the backs of a hard-working team without a superstar.

Unlike teams who are baffled by trying to shove Carmelo-shaped objects
into unselfish holes, Philly has plugged along with essentially the same
group for several seasons. And its players have defined roles. Iguodala
is a distributor. Lou Williams is a scorer. Jodie Meeks shoots. Lavoy
Allen brings the ruckus.

All fair, I think, except for the Lavoy Allen part.

The Temple product has been a very pleasant surprise this season, even notching a couple of nice break out performances. He's become a valuable player on the Sixers' bench while Spencer Hawes has been out with injury. He's held his own and impressed in flashes.

He has also struggled on the defensive end at times, as pretty much all of the Sixers' bigs have done this season in Spencer's absence.

"Bringing the ruckus" is not something Lavoy seems to specialize in and it's certainly not his defined role on this Sixers team.

Reggie Evans he is not.

Lavoy's role is seemingly to hit the open jumper when he can and not get killed too badly on the boards. At least for now.

It's a solid read over at Grantland, we suggest you check it out, but we also wonder: do you really think Lavoy Allen brings the ruckus?

Nice to see people outside of Philly are paying attention anyway.

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