Report: Sixers to Change Up Road and Alternate Jersey Colors

Report: Sixers to Change Up Road and Alternate Jersey Colors
June 5, 2013, 4:46 pm
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An interesting scoop from the Philadelphia Business Journal today who was at an event with Sixers CEO Adam Aron and learned about some coming changes to the Sixers road and alternate uniform colors. Lyn Kremer explains the change:

I walked away with a sports business scoop. And that is, according to Aron, the 76ers home uniform has always been white, while on the road the team wore red, with blue as an alternate. From this point forward, blue is going to be the official road shirt, with red as the alternate.

Not exactly earth shattering to switch from one existing jersey to another existing jersey, but it will certainly be noticable. And this new ownership loves to talk about the storied tradition of the franchise. This is clearly a step in a different direction, albeit a minor cosmetic one.

Who wants to bet Adam Aron has some research done on fans of teams with blue jerseys getting less angry about awful tweets than fans of teams with red jerseys? For real though, there has to be some data-driven reason for this. I'll bet you a dollar. Two-to-one odds.

[h/t Nick Waters]

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