Royce White shows off Frank Sinatra tattoo, questions headline writers at the Inquirer

Royce White shows off Frank Sinatra tattoo, questions headline writers at the Inquirer
September 28, 2013, 9:27 am
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New Sixers forward Royce White was present at Sixers media day on Friday and, before addressing concerns over his travel arrangements, showed off this awesome tattoo of Ol' Blue Eyes on his arm:

Royce White has a tattoo of Frank Sinatra

— Keith Pompey (@PompeyOnSixers) September 27, 2013

We'll take this time to briefly revisit my Frank Sinatra-Sixers corollary.

Anyway, notice the tweet above is from the Inqy's Sixers beat writer Keith Pompey. Pompey would later write an article titled, "Royce White downplays his aversion to flying." Quotes here:

"I think the most glaring [misconception], probably, from paying attention to the public opinions has to be that I can't fly," White said. "(A) that I don't want to fly. And (B) that I won't fly by choice."

"I think a lot of people think that I and the Rockets went through a situation that was really hostile," he said, "and it really wasn't. It was more so a legislation thing . . . and it got really complex and technical."
White went on to say that he'll fly when he has to and drive when he can. Perfectly reasonable. He also uses the word "glaring" related to the word [misconception] to state that the public has the wrong idea about his aversion to travel. Could that be seen as "downplaying" the issue relative to everyone's expectations? Yup.
But not to Royce:

@Highway_30 dude, I don't write the headlines. Did you read the story?

— Keith Pompey (@PompeyOnSixers) September 28, 2013

It goes on from there:

@PompeyOnSixers: @Highway_30 I don't write the headlines." Not angry, but a perfect chance to explain how yellow journalism happens, no?

— Royce White (@Highway_30) September 28, 2013

@PompeyOnSixers Who does write the headlines at the @PhillyInquirer...? Just wondering, b/c this one seems run of the mill media misleading.

— Royce White (@Highway_30) September 28, 2013

@PompeyOnSixers I'm not trying to attack you, you're cool... I just hope $ stops being the compass for the worlds leading form of writing.

— Royce White (@Highway_30) September 28, 2013

Trust us, Royce, very few of us are in this for the money. #BeWell

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