Rumored Blockbuster: Dwight to Lakers, Iguodala to Denver, Bynum to Philly

Rumored Blockbuster: Dwight to Lakers, Iguodala to Denver, Bynum to Philly
August 9, 2012, 9:16 am
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According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, a potential four-team blockbuster centering around Dwight Howard landing with the L.A. Lakers is currently being discussed. Woj described the talks as fluid but that there is a framework in place as such:

[Dwight] Howard and Denver forward Al Harrington going to the Lakers, Philadelphia guard Andre Iguodala going to the Nuggets, Los Angeles center Andrew Bynum moving to the 76ers, and Los Angeles forward Pau Gasol and Denver guard Arron Affalo going to the Magic, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Bynum will make $16.1 million in 2012-13 as the Lakers exercised their option back in June. He would be set to become a free agent following this coming season.

This move would land the Sixers a legit young center (just 24 years old) that they've been in dire need of while unclogging the logjam at the wing. Bynum has been an All-Star for the Lakers but he's also been a bit erratic as youngsters are often wont to do.

If the Sixers do plan on moving Iguodala, they could do a lot worse than Andrew Bynum in return. Is this part of the plan the Sixers had coming into this offseason? A young core of Jrue, Evan, Thad, Andrew Bynum, and throw in some Moe Harkless for good measure. Seems like more of a plan to me.

Our resident Sixers guru, Andrew Unterberger, says if the above deal were to go down, it would be an incredible win for the Sixers, adding "It would justify and/or redeem every single other move they've made this offseason."

>>Lakers, Magic in blockbuster four-team trade talks to send Dwight Howard to L.A. [Y!]

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