Sir Charles' Fists Were His Security: The Dream Team 20 Years Later

Sir Charles' Fists Were His Security: The Dream Team 20 Years Later
June 11, 2012, 8:28 am
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This summer marks the 20th anniversary of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and other legends all coming together to form the greatest team ever assembled: The Dream Team.

To remember that amazing squad, GQ's Lang Whitaker recently tracked down many of the coaches, players, and others involved in the Dream Team's epic run to gold at the Barcelona Olympics in an attempt to put together a fantastic oral history.

Not surprisingly, some of the Sir Charles nuggets are hilarious.

Here's one anecdote about Barkley choosing to go out and enjoy the Barcelona night life despite being mobbed at all times. Chuck lived it up while other players opted to keep out of sight.

Barkley: I wasn't going to stay in my room the whole time.

Hubbard: Charles would walk down Las Ramblas, and people would say, "Charles, what are you doing for security?" And he'd show you his two fists and say, "This is my security." He was like the Pied Piper. He'd have this huge group of people following and yelling and smiling and taking pictures. And he loved it.

There's plenty more Chuckster goodness in the piece, including word that Barkley was the last pro added to the squad because they were a bit worried he might not represent the U.S. in the manner they hoped. The story about the dinner with the Prince might tell you why.

Never change, Chuck.

>>The Dream Team Will Never Die: An Oral History of the Dream Team [GQ]


Photo Caption: Team USA's Larry Bird, left, and Charles Barkley relax on the sidelines toward the end of the game against Brazil in Barcelona during the Summer Olympics, July 31, 1992. Barkley scored 30 points, the highest by a U.S. player in 11 pre-Olympic and Olympic games, in the 127-83 victory over Brazil. (AP Photo/Susan Ragan)

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