Sixers Can't Get Off Buzzer Beater, Fall to Hard Working Clippers 78-77

Sixers Can't Get Off Buzzer Beater, Fall to Hard Working Clippers 78-77
February 10, 2012, 5:18 pm
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With 3.2 seconds remaining in the game and the Sixers trailing by one -- and despite him having a somewhat shaky game up to that point -- I wanted Lou Williams to get the final look.

Doug Collins gave me and my fellow Sixers fans who wanted to see Lou with the rock in his hands as the clock ticked down what we were hoping for. Sort of.

It's unclear what the play Doug drew up was trying to do, but it was clear that Lou Williams got the ball with at least two defenders on him 30 feet or so from the basket and failed to get off a shot.

Sixers lose.

[watch Chris Paul's game-winning fadeaway below]

Doug wouldn't say what he intended the play to be, but he did put the blame for the final seconds squarely on his own shoulders.

"At the end of the game, I'll put that on me. I've got to give my guys more help," Collins said of the final 3.2 seconds. "That's not on the players. That's on me."

"Terrible on my part."

It wasn't the only terrible performance of the night from the Sixers. They also shot a weak 15-23 from the free throw line, missing 8 freebies that could have been huge in the one point loss.

We'll all point to the final few possessions, but the Sixers didn't bring their best stuff all night long. For one of a very few games this season, the Clippers were out working the Sixers on both ends of the floor. Credit former Sixer Reggie Evans for causing all sorts of havoc. That dude is a nasty man.

Then there was the ridiculous final bucket from Chris Paul on a play Elton Brand called one of the strangest he's ever seen in all of his time around the game. Coach Collins gave Paul his props on the amazing shot.

"That was incredible. Andre Iguodala played him, couldn't play him any better. He hits a fade away jump shot. There must have been three or four times they fell on the floor with the ball and scrummed it out, and got it out, and it was a wonderful play."

Elton even said he thought Blake Griffin was going to shoot it from his knees. That didn't happen, but Paul found a way to get a bucket.

The Sixers couldn't even get off a shot.

Off to Cleveland to take on the somewhat hot Cavaliers tomorrow night.

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