Sixers Touch Down in the Land of the Delta Blues, Face Superior Basketball Team

Sixers Touch Down in the Land of the Delta Blues, Face Superior Basketball Team
December 26, 2012, 12:59 pm
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The Sixers had themselves a nice Christmas break—the fringe benefits of
not being a particularly good or exciting basketball team—and now
they're about to be rudely snapped out of it by the Memphis Grizzlies.
As we've mentioned countless times on this website, the Sixers are now
in the midst of an eight-game death trip, and this should be one of
their toughest contests of their sojourn—the Grizzlies are 18-7 on the
season, 12-2 at home, and their biggest of many strengths—post scoring
and rebounding—just happens to come in the area where the Sixers are
weakest. (No offense, Spence, except kinda offense.)

The game
should be a tough one, though at least the Grizz (like the Sixers,
natch) are coming off a loss, a 121-96 shellacking by the Houston
Rockets that was nearly as bad as the 125-103 shellacking the Rockets
laid on the Sixers a couple nights earlier. After rebounding from their
H-Town loss with a nice home blowout of the Hakws (burrrrrn Sweet Lou),
the Sixers came up short in Brooklyn against the Nets, infuriating fans
with their inability to get to the foul line—just ten times all game,
after a measly seven trips against ATL. Memphis has the fourth-fewest
opponent free-throw attempts in the league, so it'd take something of a
miracle for that trend to reverse itself tonight. (A CHRISTMAS miracle?
Oh wait, the 26th, bummer.)

8:00 tip from the FedEx Forum. No J-Rich. Should be a time.

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