Sixers Visit Bobcats in Semi-Viable Roy Halladay Emergency Alternative

Sixers Visit Bobcats in Semi-Viable Roy Halladay Emergency Alternative
April 3, 2013, 2:21 pm
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No, there's not much of a case to be made for watching the Sixers play
the Bobcats tonight (again, this time at Charlotte). Everything about
this game is decently meaningless—both teams are lottery-bound, and more
or less locked in to their particular lottery slot—unless Charlotte
really, really cares about securing that Worst Overall Record status for
the second straight year, which I sorta doubt. But it could be a decent
emergency valve if most Philly sports fans' Plan A—watching Roy
Halladay make his first start of the season against the Atlanta Braves, a
game with at least a 25% chance of total disaster—ends up going not
quite as hoped. The Sixers will only be slightly depressing at this
point, I promise.

7:00 tip from Time Warner Cable Arena. If there's one thing of interest
to watch in this game, it's the possibility that we might get to see the
pro debut of Justin Holiday, recently signed by the Sixers to a ten-day
contract. Perhaps he and younger brother Jrue will even get some time
on the court together? If so, we all better start thinking of some good
nicknames for the tandem. What do two Holidays equal, exactly? Double
Holiday? Holiday weekend? We'll work on it.

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