Sixers Win, Milwaukee Bucks Bus Breaks Down

Sixers Win, Milwaukee Bucks Bus Breaks Down
March 27, 2013, 10:13 pm
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This was the most interesting scene from a basketball game Idid not watch. Why? Because if theres anything worse than losing to the 76ers,its not being able to go home immediately afterward.

After falling by a final of 100-92 to a somewhat rejuvenatedSixers squad thats talking about making the playoffs and everything, the Buckspresumably wouldve liked nothing more than to slink back to Middle Earth sothey could get ready for the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night. Unfortunatelyfor them, it looks like there was a delay.

The story here via Delco Times reporter Christopher Vito isthe Bucks team bus had a dead battery after the game, so it mustve felt likeone of those nights for the road team. Id actually be interested to hear howthis situation was resolved. Do ordinary jumper cables work on a bus?

Plus, Im calling shenanigans. How else do you explain theextra bounce in Spencer Hawes step? The now-you-see-me-now-you dont big manrecorded a career high 17 rebounds in the victory, and my theory is he wasfeeling awfully giddy after sneaking on to said bus and leaving the lights on soodevious, Spence.

(Unless home isMilwaukee.)

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