Sixers-Celtics Game 5 from the Garden: Take It

Sixers-Celtics Game 5 from the Garden: Take It
May 21, 2012, 1:24 pm
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The Sixers got off to a truly atrocious start in Game 4 in Philly on Friday yet they found a way to win in the end. It's been an odd trend this series that each team who has led after the first quarter has gone on to lose that contest, so don't start paying attention until the second half. Or something. On the other hand, Doug Collins seems to believe that his young team has less distractions when playing on the road in the playoffs, so they won't get off to such a sluggish start.

Will the Celtics look like the team from Game 3 which had so much "purpose?" Some said that the Celtics gave away Friday night's game, but the Sixers pressured the hell out of them and made good things happen. If they can force the veteran team to take tougher shots, they've got a good chance to upset them again.

We wrote earlier in the day about Lou and Thad playing a huge role off the bench. If those two can replicate their Game 4 efforts, the Sixers could be sitting pretty on the plane back to Philly.

Looking for another positive sign? The old men aren't the only ones who can benefit from a couple of days rest. Check out these Evan Turner numbers from Double D:

EVAN TURNERReg Season0-1 days: 8.5 ppg 41.7 FG%2+ days: 14.7 ppg 58.9 FG%Playoffs0-1 days: 10.1 ppg 31.6 FG%2+ days: 17.5 ppg 48.1 FG%

— Dennis Deitch (@DennisDeitch) May 20, 2012

7:00 tip from the TD Garden. TNT on the TV dial.

* Update * Doc Rivers said Avery Bradley not playing tonight due to his shoulder injury. Ray Allen to start in his place.


Here's Dre and Doug talking about how they're not just satisfied putting up a good fight. They want to win, dagnabit.

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