Sixers-Heat, Game Five: Taking Miami to Lunch (Or Something)

Sixers-Heat, Game Five: Taking Miami to Lunch (Or Something)
May 2, 2011, 8:36 am
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It's hardly surprising to see that LeBron James sees his team's first-round match up with the Sixers as something he and his cronies should be able to take care of while sipping their morning coffee and reading their local paper—this Heat squad has already set all kinds of records for unsubstantiated arrogance, and it's like Philly was getting much more respect elsewhere anyway. But if his casual reference to the Sixers' perceived status as pushovers—not even done for intimidation, but just like he was stating a matter of fact—doesn't get them juiced for Game Five, then the phrase "Bulletin-Board Material" might as well not even exist. Personally, I'm chomping at the bit for our guys to get another crack at these losers, and see if they can't continue what they started in Game Four.

OK, before we go any further, reality check time. The Sixers were lucky—I mean, really lucky—to hit those final three shots and get those three big stops that put them ahead of the Heat in the final 90 seconds of game four at the Wells Fargo Center, a run not too likely to be replicated. Moreso, I'm worried that having slightly jogged the Heat out of their morning slumber will encourage them to not take the entire first quarter off for this game, and they'll get off to a 15-point lead by the start of the second and never look back. The Heat are still the much better team in the series, and as great a takeaway as the Game Four victory will be when all is said and done, it's probable that those will be our final fond memories of this particular series.

That said, the boys have showed what kind of heart and pride they have throughout those first four games, and if it was good enough to steal one game, with that boost in confidence, it could be good enough to steal a second. And if it, how much fun would it be to get the Heat coming back to Wells Fargo for game six, with the entire country on our side, and with what is sure to be the absolute craziest crowd for Sixers basketball since Iverson was sent to the Rockies in 2007 in attendence? It's not impossible, but the Sixers have to play something of a perfect game to make it happen—which means no stretches like that second-quarter run on Sunday where they turned the ball over on something like three or four straight posessions, each leading to easy Heat fast breaks.

7:00 tip from the American Airlines Arena. With that win in Game Four, the Sixers don't owe us anything anymore, but at the very least, they owe it to themselves to give those damn Heatles every single thing they've got, and make them earn the right to graduate to lunch. And for what it's worth, it appears that the Sixers haven't been taking LeBron's insult lying down:

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