So Andrew Bynum Practiced and This Is Kind of a Big Deal

So Andrew Bynum Practiced and This Is Kind of a Big Deal

Finally, an Andrew Bynum report that actually has relevance to him maybe
really putting on a Sixers uniform this year. John Mitchell cites multiple sources
who say that Bynum "participated in a spirited practice" on Friday,
doing the whole 5-on-5 scrimmage thing. Mitchell also reports that the
big deal now will be seeing how Bynum's knees react today, and if
there's no pain, maybe him practicing will become, y'know, a regular
thing. Maybe he'll even play again, like, this season! For the Sixers!
In a game!

If this sounds like pretty big news for 1:00 on a Saturday that no one seems to be talking about, it sorta is. Michael Levin of Liberty Ballers
has been justifiably freaking out about how little reporting is being
done on this news, relative to how extensive the coverage was of all the
stupid, non-basketball-related shit Bynum has been involved with this
year up until this point. The fact that no reporters even saw the
practice is also kinda weird, and makes you wonder if Mitchell's
"multiple sources" are just a fortune teller and a drunk, delirious,
past-giving-a-crap Tony DiLeo. Nothing is impossible with this team.

hey, as long as Bynum is practicing and nobody cares enough to notice,
maybe he'll inconspicuously make his debut tonight against the Heat? We
could use him, probably.

TicketIQ: Penn State to face USC in most expensive Rose Bowl this decade

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TicketIQ: Penn State to face USC in most expensive Rose Bowl this decade

Editor's Note: The following is sponsored content written by TicketIQ.

Penn State is headed to the Rose Bowl Game, and it will cost a pretty penny to be on hand in Pasadena on January 2.

With a statement win over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game Penn State clinched their first Rose Bowl berth since 2009. The No. 5 school in the nation will face No. 9 USC in a rematch from seven years ago. Such a long absence for both schools in the bowl game is driving resale ticket prices to new heights, so much so that the Rose Bowl Game will be the most expensive bowl game this season – including the two Semifinal games.

On TicketIQ, an event ticket search engine that pools tickets and data from over 90 percent of the secondary market, the average resale price for Rose Bowl Game tickets is now $804. Not only does that make it the most expensive Rose Bowl since at least 2010, but also the priciest bowl game of the last seven seasons. If looking just to get in on January 2 the cheapest tickets are now priced from $346 each.

The showdown between Penn State and USC is so expensive that it will be more than twice the average price of both Semifinal games. As it stands now the resale average for Peach Bowl tickets between Alabama and Washington at Georgia Dome is $389 with a get-in price of $185. Clemson and Ohio State will clash in the Fiesta Bowl to the tune of a $241 average and $71 get-in price.

Prices are so high for this year’s game in Pasadena that they rival the 2015 National Championship Game. The first-ever Championship Game under the new College Football Playoff system, that year’s game between Ohio State and Oregon averaged a $858 ticket and $317 get-in price.

While Penn State fans, students and alumni raced to snag tickets during the general on sale, prices were quick to skyrocket on the secondary market following the school’s invitation to the Rose Bowl Game. On Saturday afternoon, several hours before the Big Ten Championship kickoff, Rose Bowl tickets were averaging under $600, marking a nearly 40 percent increase since that time. The cheapest resale ticket price has jumped more than $100 since Saturday, climbing from its $245 price tag since.