Some Obscure and Mostly Irrelevant (But Encouraging) Stats About Arnett Moultrie

Some Obscure and Mostly Irrelevant (But Encouraging) Stats About Arnett Moultrie
March 6, 2013, 6:26 am
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After his 5-5 game off the bench last night against the Celtics in the
Sixers' loss in Philly, our first-round pick Arnett Moultrie now....

-Has made his last 12 shot attempts, stretching back over the last four games (in about 40 total minutes).

-Leads the team in Player Efficiency Rating with his 18.1 (Jrue Holiday next highest at 18.0).

-Leads the team in Field Goal % with his 59.3% (Thaddeus Young next highest at 50.9%).

tied for the team lead (with Spencer Hawes) in Rebounds Per 36 Minutes
with his 9.0, and easily has the team lead in Offensive Rebounds per 36
with his 5.0 (Lavoy Allen next highest at 3.5).

-Leads the team in Estimated Win Shares Added Per 36 Minutes, with .179 (Thad next highest with .122).

course, this is all textbook Small Sample Size Theater—Arnett has
played only 216 minutes all season, scoring just 72 points and grabbing
54 rebounds total, good for averages of 2.9 and 2.2 a game,
respectively. Sixer fans will no doubt recall another raw young power
forward, Marreese Speights, who also put up impressive percentages and
rates his rookie season (in bigger minutes than Moultrie), but
eventually proved to be too one-dimensional on offense and too lacking
on defense to be a key part of the team's rotation.

Still, all we asked in his rookie year was for Arnett to show us
something in his limited minutes, to prove that his acquisition wasn't a
complete waste of a future first-rounder. He has certainly done that,
and if Coach Collins isn't convinced by now that he deserves legitimate
minutes down the team's stretch run...well, maybe he really is trying to
sabotage our season for draft considerations.


Here are the Sixers on Moultrie's performance against the Celtics:

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