Some of the Brooklyn Nets New Gear Looks Tight

Some of the Brooklyn Nets New Gear Looks Tight
April 30, 2012, 8:17 am
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The Brooklyn Nets unleashed their new black and white color scheme and a couple of logos to the world this morning and my thoughts are right inline with those of Trey Kerby at TBJ. The logos look like the "default logos for a created video game team." I was also thinking a generic team logo in a movie without official league rights like Any Given Sunday. But the gear? Some of the gear looks dope. Mostly because it has Brooklyn-themed rap lyrics all over them.

It's no surprise Jay-Z's team would have some stylish threads. It also basically looks like half of the shirts are trying to capitalize simply on the fact that they represent the borough of Brooklyn, New York, and really minimize the fact that they are also shirts for an awful basketball team.

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