Some Perspective on the Bossness of Evan Turner's Last Two Games

Some Perspective on the Bossness of Evan Turner's Last Two Games
March 10, 2012, 5:51 am
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What a difference two games make. Evan Turner had been in the sophomore
slump to end all sophomore slumps—yes, even including The Stone Roses' Second Coming and the second season of Heroes—about
a month-long stretch in which the Extraterrestrial's subpar play got
him tethered to the Sixers' bench and positives were few and far
between. But after being moved to the strating lineup and getting a 1-12
shooting stretch out of the way in Milwaukee, ET has been straight fire
for these Sixers, scoring seemingly at will and rebounding and moving
the ball like the triple-double threat we all believed him to be coming
out of Ohio State.

How good has Turner been, especially compared to his down stretch
leading up to his breakout? Consider the stats for some perspective:

Turner scored a combined 42 points in the two games. He scored a combined 39 points in the ten games leading up to it. 
He got to the line a combined six times—as many trips to the line as he took in the 11 games previously—and converted five of them, as many as in his last 12 games.
He went a combined 18-31 from the field, converting one more field
goal than he had in the ten games prior, and raising his FG% from 40.8%
to 42.4% for the season.
The 12 rebounds he grabbed last night and in Milwaukee was a season higha, and matches a career high for him, set last year against Toronto.
Though he sat out for half the fourth quarter in garbage time, the
36:30 he played in Wednesday's game against Boston was a
then-season-high for Evan, and 43:05 he played against Utah is the most he's played since that previously mentioned Toronto game last year.
rates single-game performances with an overall Game Score, in which
Evan's last two rated a 19.2 and 16.1, his best and fourth-best of the
year, respectively. Their combined score is 35.3, while the combined
scores of his last 12 games was just 31.5—including two negative scores
of -0.9 and -2.6. 

Way to be, ET. Here's hoping you can take that show on the road now—we could really use it against New York on Sunday.

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