Spencer Hawes Did What in the Where Now?

Spencer Hawes Did What in the Where Now?
March 17, 2013, 8:06 am
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Nate Thurmond. Alvin Robertson. Hakeem Olajuwon. David Robinson. We
almost nearly had to add a fifth name to that list last night, as
Spencer Hawes came just two assists and three blocks short of
registering a quadruple-double last night at the Wells Fargo Center,
ending with what must be the best stat line of his career—18 points, 16
rebounds, eight assists, seven blocks, and zero game-blowing layup
misses, in a game that the Sixers won—won, as in the opposite of
lost—against the Indiana Pacers. The blocks and rebounds were both
career highs for Spence, and the assists was one shy—which all in all is
a pretty remarkable night to have in your 403rd career NBA game.

from Spence's dominant performance, Jrue Holiday had himself a ballgame
last night as well, scoring 20 in the first half and ending strong with
a couple huge buckets late in the fourth to seal the game, posting an
impressive 27/12/6 for the night. All five starters ended in double
figures (yes, even you Damien Wilkins) and the defense was strong across
the board, as the Sixers notched a combined 14 blocked shots, and the
Pacers' three perimeter starters combined to go 12-38. (Center Roy
Hibbert ended with 25 and ten against Spencer Hawes and company, but
needed 26 shots to do so.)

A weird game that ended in a Sixers
victory against the (possible) second-best team in the Eastern
Conference, and a team that had thumped the Sixers in two previous
meetings this year. The third straight strong performance from the
Liberty Ballers against high-level East competition at the WFC
officially makes this the best stretch of ball the Sixers have played
this season, at what must be the weirdest point in the season for the
team to suddenly decide to start playing well. Winning is fun and all,
but are we gonna get back to Tankfest '13 at any point? Hope you know
what you're doing, Damien Wilkins.

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