Morning Sports Talk Radio Show Host Says Things

Morning Sports Talk Radio Show Host Says Things
June 25, 2013, 10:46 am
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I haven't listened to the 94 WIP Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi in years. It's partly because I do not have a commute to work so there's no car radio time. It's also because that show is on early. No blogger likes to wake up early.

But mostly it's because of nonsensical rants like this from the show's ringleader, as transcribed by CBS Philly:

“I want to say this straight to their face [the Sixers] right now, on Philadelphia morning radio. You are a disgrace to this city. Adam [Aron] if you have any power left, I know your philosophy and I know that you know, that what you guys are doing right now to this city with your franchise, is a disgrace,” Cataldi said Tuesday morning on 94WIP.

“You know it, because you came on this show and told us how important you thought it was for a city to be in a communication with the team. That a team doesn’t do exactly what they’ve been doing since May 15th, when Sam Hinkie was hired. I demand from the Sixers better treatment of the fans of this city, they deserve better and you’ve got to straighten your act out today. I’m not letting you out. I will never feel apathy when the fans of this city are getting screwed the ways the Sixers are doing it right now, to them. I won’t let you do it. I won’t walk away. I will not shut up. So be served noticed today, Sixers, I’m paying attention and I’m going to kick your ass every chance I can get. Thank you.”

I think the crux of his argument is the team is not forthcoming enough with information which somehow translates into the team "screwing the fans."

But Angelo Cataldi will not let this stand. He will not let the Sixers screw you. He will ensure this by paying attention and kicking the Sixers' asses at every turn.

It's good to see a sports talk radio show taking a stand against a sports franchise that isn't catering to the random wishes of a sports talk radio host. It's about time.

You can listen to the hilarious rant below (also via 94 WIP):

Angelo Cataldi demands better treatment

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