The 1976-77 Sixers Yearbook: Pop-Up Video Edition

The 1976-77 Sixers Yearbook: Pop-Up Video Edition
October 31, 2011, 12:38 pm
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Since the beginning of the NBA lockout on July 1, and the league's individual franchise websites have enacted a policy of removing all images and mentions of those players currently locked out of their team's facilities, save for a page that simply lists which individuals remain on each roster.

As such, the sites have been forced to come up with new content completely unrelated to those guys who, you know, actually play basketball.

While much of that content has gone the newsy approach of simply covering the latest lockout-related updates, there are times when such reporting isn't enough.

Let's face it, the biggest news thus far was when the owners and players managed to reduce the mid-level exception after four months of name calling and general duck-duck-goosery over whose responsibility it is to take charge of the negotiations.

Fortunately, the public relations panic caused by literally not having a product to market has caused some franchises to reach into their vaults and appeal to their fans' collective nostalgia.

And as one might expect given the team's rich history, the Sixers have produced some especially entertaining pieces.

Most recently, the franchise's web department published eight pages from the 1976-1977 team yearbook, complete with pop-up video-style factoids explaining the necessary takeaways from each trip down memory lane.

Head on over to to check out the statistics of a complete-with-a-whole-lot-of-hair Doug Collins, the final career numbers of one "Bill Cunningham" and an image of someone apparently wrestling a bear. Honestly, the pictures alone are more than worth your time.

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