The Allen Iverson Celebriduck is making a comeback!

The Allen Iverson Celebriduck is making a comeback!
December 5, 2013, 12:58 pm
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Allen Iverson returned to the 76ers long after we thought we'd seen the last of him in South Philly, so why can't the legendary Iverson Celebriduck make a comeback too?

Longtime Sixers fans surely remember the buzz around Philadelphia when the 76ers launched one of the strangest and greatest promotional giveaways of all time: the Allen Iverson Celebriduck.

The craze was written about by ESPN's Darren Rovel back in the early aughts:

"If you saw the original drawings, you would have said, 'Now this is an idea that should have never been born,' " said Wolfe, a 49-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Celebriducks.

Celebriducks made their professional sports debut at a Philadelphia 76ers game on Jan. 11, when 5,500 Allen Iverson ducks were given away, after being escorted by four police cars to the First Union Arena. Since then, Wolfe said he has been getting calls at his California office from teams wanting to turn their star into a floatable, nontoxic vinyl duck that comes complete with a beak and a squeak.

A young Adam Aaron was probably going bananas at the time.

But guess what?! The A.I. Celebriducks are back! Along with three other amazing Iverson giveaways that include "Alien" Iverson, a Gumby Iverson, and a regular-old boring retro bobblehead.

You can get all four giveaways buy purchasing an Allen Iverson 4-Pack of tickets on the Sixers' website that includes games to the Knicks, OKC Thunder, Lakers, and Wizards at the Wells Fargo Center. The final of which will be the game where Allen Iverson has his No. 3 jersey retired on March 1st.

Maybe put those old Sixers car flags on your ride on your way into the game March 1 to complete the full 2003 nostalgia.

Amazing photo of A.I. with the duck from Trendbasket:

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