The Sixers Are Bonding (And Working On Their Game)

The Sixers Are Bonding (And Working On Their Game)
August 30, 2011, 7:23 am
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It's been a while since we last heard from any of the Philadelphia 76ers -- unless of course you keep up with some of their happenings on Twitter. With the NBA lockout still going strong, there's no good reason the team should be in the news.

But Dei Lynam was out in L.A. recently and caught up with the six or seven guys, minus Thad Young, who made up the core of their playoff team last season. The elder statesman of the club, Elton Brand, organized some pickup ball between his teammates in addition to some down time by the pool for some bonding.

If Doug Collins' team taught us anything last season, it's that the love must be shown for his guys to really prosper.

From Dei's piece:

“The guys came out. We are having a great time together, bonding together. That’s what it is about,” said Elton Brand who, along with Lou Williams, organized the gathering.

“I think that creates a winning environment, having each others back out there. So you have to care, you have to grow, you have to know where someone likes the ball. When a guy can’t play defense or can’t show as well on a pick you have to know that. You have to know that. You have to be there to help your guy and have their back.”

Amidst all of the talk about the team getting together on their own accord and bonding are a few nuggets about individual's game improving. Spencer Hawes looks lean and built, Jodie Meeks improved his jump shot (what?!), Evan Turner looks athletic and stronger,  etc.

Another thing we learn, Lou Williams would prefer to stay at home than travel overseas to play basketball. Not a big fan of travel, LouWill.

There doesn't appear to be any real professional basketball in Philly in the near future for hoops fans, so a few little nuggets about the guys is all we're going to get for now.

And that will have to suffice. Unfortunately.

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