These Guys Again: Sixers Meet West-Best Thunder for Second Time

These Guys Again: Sixers Meet West-Best Thunder for Second Time
January 4, 2013, 12:31 pm
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Pretty incredible that the Oklahoma City Thunder are 24-7, and they're only tied
for the lead in the Western Conference—with two other teams, at that.
Regardless, OKC are obviously quite good, with any kind of early-season
kinks evolving past the James Harden era long since nullified, and Kevin
Durant giving LeBron James his first legitimate push for Best Player in
the League status. (It's still LeBron, though.) We faced them once
already this season, somehow pushing them to overtime before they hit a
million threes iin OT and walked off the WFC as victors. If we take them
to OT again tonight in Oklahoma, that should count as a win, right? Two
OT L's against a significantly better team = one win. It's just common

Maybe not. 8:00 tip from Chesapeake Energy Arena (is that
really what it's called now?). We lose this one and the next one in San
Antonio—which is sort of a tough thing to bet against—and we're five
games under .500, which is bad, but might make some decisions a little
easier as it comes near trade deadline hour. Of course, one of those
decisions might be Andrew Bynum wondering "Hmmm, do I really wanna come back and play basketball this season?" So.

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