Thunder Down: West-Best OKC Comes to Town

Thunder Down: West-Best OKC Comes to Town
February 29, 2012, 1:21 pm
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Stupid Thunder. Everyone loooves them, with their full-throttle
rebuilding strategy, their three core top-five picks, their smart
role-player signings, their steady improvement in the regular and
post-season and their general all-around good vibes. "Why can't you be
more like the Thunder??" every NBA team's great-aunt always rags on
them. "They seem like such a nice bunch of young men." Yeah,
yeah, Great-Aunt Hilly. Shouldn't you be busy planning what
uncomfortable sweater to get us for our birthday?

Well, the Sixers are sick of hearing about it, and tonight they're gonna
try to do something about it. The Thunder come to the WFC boasting a
tied-for-NBA-best 27-7 record, but the Sixers have two things the
Thunder don't have: Heart and hustle. Actually, the Thunder have both of
those things too, as well as a whole lot of elite talent and way more
recent regular-season success and playoff experience. But, uh, Philly's
gonna try to beat them anyway. Gotta try, right?

At the very least, OKC don't have the advantages over the Sixers that a
lot of the teams that have really given them fits of late have. They
have some size in frontcourt Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins, but their
presence is mostly defensive, so they won't hurt the undersized Sixers
too badly up front, and neither is really an elite rebounder either.
Meanwhile, the Thunder's two most dominant scorers (Russell Westbrook
and Kevin Durant) are at the point guard and small forward position,
where we're fairly well equipped defensively with Jrue Holiday and Andre
Iguodala—not so much that we can exactly call it a wash, but enough
that we might have a fighting chance.

7:00 tip from the WFC. Last time out against these guys in Philly, by
the way, we took 'em to OT, and could've won if not for that damn
Durant's game-tying three with about six seconds left. Hey, even Kid
Clutch has gotta miss one eventually, right? Ugh. Stupid Thunder.

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