Unsurprisingly, the Sixers' Offseason Cracks SI's Most Puzzling List

Unsurprisingly, the Sixers' Offseason Cracks SI's Most Puzzling List
August 3, 2012, 10:36 am
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Maalik Wayns! At some point over the last few days the Sixers added the former Villanova star to their bizarre roster. It was just the latest in a very strange summer. Their offseason has induced head scratch after head scratch. Clearly, they're not built to make huge strides in 2012-2013 and they fittingly landed on Sports Illustrated's list of most concerning offseasons.

Zach Lowe does a nice job running through all of the moves and pointing out that they didn't exactly get any better. But the kicker... the kicker is that they're flexible and probably (hopefully!) have some sort of longer term plan in place. After mentioning their potentially limited cap space next summer, he concludes:

That could change if they dump Iguodala between now and then, and I
suspect the Sixers have a few possible next steps in mind. They’ve
replaced Brand’s single massive contract with several mid-sized ones
that might be easier to fit in package deals, and mostly expire after
this season anyway. Let’s see what they do.

Yes, let's see what they do next. But we have to watch them until they do whatever is next. That may be painful-ish.

Lowe's conclusion basically goes along with the idea that the next season or two are going to be a real test to see if Jrue and Evan are worth building around to form a legit contender for the future. If not? Well, then we've got to come up with another plan.

>>Offseason has left a number of potential contenders at risk of disappointment [SI]

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