Video: Kevin Durant Elbows Evan Turner

Video: Kevin Durant Elbows Evan Turner
February 29, 2012, 3:35 pm
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Late in the second quarter following an Oklahoma City layup, Kevin Durant and Evan Turner got into a bit of a shoving match and had to be separated. Both players were called for technical fouls. It's not entirely clear what started the altercation -- John Finger said Turner had been jawing a bit with James Harden earlier in the game --  but it appeared as if Durant slapped/pushed at Turner first, initiating the double technicals. It looked more like an elbow after watching the replay. Durant appeared to be the more heated of the two and had to be restrained by teammate Russell Westbrook. [video below]

It was some much-welcomed fire from Turner and this Sixers team. The entire Wells Fargo Center crowd got behind them, booing Durant as he held the ball as the first half clock ran down. Unfortunately, KD pulled up and drilled a three to end the half.

That part wasn't as fun.

As for what happened exactly, it still remains unclear even after talking to a couple of players after the game. Doug Collins said he didn't see the elbow. Andre Iguodala said he wasn't involved and only tried to restrain Durant after he realized there was a scuffle going on. Evan Turner did not answer any questions.

UPDATE: According to beat writer Martin Frank, Turner did answer questions (which I somehow missed), "He threw a hissy fit. He said some words. I said some words. [Not] anything to go nuts about."

Top photo by US Presswire, bottom photo by AP, middle screen cap by @dhm

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