Video: Large Dancing Man at Sixers-Heat

Video: Large Dancing Man at Sixers-Heat
April 25, 2011, 12:04 pm
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The atmosphere at the Wells Fargo Center for Sixers-Heat game 3 was lively early. The crowd naturally went as the team went. But towards the fourth quarter, when the Sixers couldn't get important shots to fall and their defense seemed to fall apart for a few stretches, the fans were really begging for a run from Doug Collins' crew. The place wanted to explode, but the team never gave it a reason to do so. This guy tried his best to make up for it though. [video below]

Thanks to friend of the Level, Nick W., for the video.

(Also, notice the little kid to his right (who is AWESOME and at almost every Sixers home game and frequently featured on Phanavision himself) that gets all bitter that he's not getting the limelight and walks away)

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