Video: White-bearded Kneeling Sixers Fan Taunts Kobe

Video: White-bearded Kneeling Sixers Fan Taunts Kobe
February 6, 2012, 5:21 pm
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That truly awesome Sixers fan with the white beard who has tickets right on the court next to the Sixers bench (but prefers to watch the game from his knees most of the time) was part of one of the most awesome moments in the Sixers fantastic win over the Lakers on Monday night.

With the Lakers leading 88-86 with just less than three minutes to play, Kobe Bryant was whistled for an offensive foul. Mr. Bearded Kneeling Man made sure Kobe knows which end of the court he's supposed to head to, and Lou Williams would take things over from there. [video below]

Lou ran off 7-straight points, hitting a long two to tie it up at 88 before drilling a gigantic three-ball to put the Sixers up 91-88. Kobe would cut it back to a three-point lead with a 9-footer at the other end, but Lou's running jumper to put the Sixers up five with over a minute would prove too much. [watch Lou's 4th quarter highlights]

We salute you, white-bearded man who pays tons of money to watch the Sixers from your knees. It takes a valiant man to taunt Kobe Bryant like that after the first half he had (24 points) on Monday night, but thankfully for White Beard and the Sixers, Kobe went ice cold in the 4th. Nicely done all around.

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