What's Evan Tweeting? Pre-Season Edition

What's Evan Tweeting? Pre-Season Edition
October 24, 2012, 3:40 pm
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It's a long NBA off-season, and while Andrew Bynum is busy bending his knee backwards to see how long he can go without wincing, the other Philadelphia 76ers only know one way of
coping with the spare time and restlessness: Endless tweeting. Most
notably, Evan Turner, Twitter team MVP for each of his two seasons as a
Liberty Baller (with no threat to the throne coming anytime soon), takes
to social media to share his thoughts on life, love, the pursuit of
happiness and J. Cole song lyrics.

While hopefully all of you are already following his timeline
religiously, it'd be journalistically irresponsible for us to not keep
you guys posted on what the Extraterrestrial's been tweeting recently.
So here's what Evan's been sharing on the Bluebird in the last few weeks:

Declaring His Baahhhhston Film Allegiances:

Being in Boston makes
me want to watch "the departed"

— evan turner
(@thekidet) October 20, 2012

keep saying the town was better than the departed but I don't think so.
The town was just like "takers"

— evan turner
(@thekidet) October 20, 2012

Composing Observational Slice-of-Life Haikus:

I just saw an old
man walk under a tree and run into a branch that was sticking out then
he looked at the branch like it did something wrong

evan turner (@thekidet) October 20, 2012

Wishing Marshall a Happy 40th:

Birthday s/o to eminem! My fav rapper of all time!!!

— evan turner (@thekidet) October 17, 2012

Encouraging Hate Crimes Against Teammates:

On the train to NYC. @spenceneedle is wearing his fav shirt. If you guys see him in NYC then plz slap him!instagr.am/p/Q7ybLGzSBX/

— evan turner (@thekidet) October 18, 2012

Putting His Teammates on Blast for Being Cute:

The rookie Arnette
Moultrie sleeping peacefully with his snuggly puppy instagr.am/p/RBJE4ETSEU/

— evan turner (@thekidet) October 20, 2012

Feeling Adam Levine on a Lazy Sunday:

"Sunday morning, rain is fallingSteal some covers, share some skinClouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable" #maroon5

— evan turner (@thekidet) October 7, 2012

Plotting Action Movie Franchises:

Just saw "taken 2".
It was a great movie, I wonder if they'll come out with a part

— evan turner (@thekidet) October 6, 2012

Being a Cheap Date:

Bella paid for dinner 2 nights in the
row. I'm living the life, right now lol

— evan
turner (@thekidet) October 4, 2012

Hating When People Get Caught Up in Their Own Wants and Blaming It on Him Cause He Isn't Giving It to Them:

I hate when people
get caught up in their own wants and blame it on you cause you aren't
giving it to them.

— evan turner (@thekidet) October 6, 2012

Saying "F--- You!" to Sports Illustrated's Division Prediction for the Sixers:

Great team win.
Glad that we are looking good vs the Atlantic

— evan turner (@thekidet) October 22, 2012

And in honor of election season, some bonus tweet running debate commentary from the Big GOPper, Spencer Hawes:

No mr obama, most
importantly energy prices are up!

— Spencer Hawes
(@spencerhawes00) October 17, 2012

Blame bush blame bush. No
accountability for the mistakes of his own

— Spencer Hawes (@spencerhawes00)
October 17, 2012

When bill clinton was president o u
mean when the internet took off? #goodtrybarry

— Spencer Hawes (@spencerhawes00) October 17, 2012

O an actual businessman talking about
balanced budgets. What a noble idea! Haven't been this excited in a
long time. Finish it @mittromney

— Spencer Hawes (@spencerhawes00) October 17, 2012

That might do it for @mittromney.
Beautiful compilation of statistics reflecting the failure of the
current administration over last 4 yrs

— Spencer
Hawes (@spencerhawes00) October 17, 2012

Hey Spence, who you voting for this year?

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