What's Evan Tweeting? @themanET Edition

What's Evan Tweeting? @themanET Edition
August 19, 2012, 10:08 pm
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It's a long NBA off-season, and while Andrew Bynum is busy running up and down the Rocky steps like he's always dreamed, the other Philadelphia 76ers only know one way of
coping with the spare time and restlessness: Endless tweeting. Most
notably, Evan Turner, Twitter team MVP for each of his two seasons as a
Liberty Baller (with no threat to the throne coming anytime soon), takes
to social media to share his thoughts on life, love, the pursuit of
happiness and J. Cole song lyrics.

While hopefully all of you are already following his timeline
religiously, it'd be journalistically irresponsible for us to not keep
you guys posted on what the Extraterrestrial's been tweeting recently.
So here's what Evan's been sharing on the Bluebird in the last week or so:

Feeding the Discovery Channel Hype Machine:

Sharks will usually give its prey a "test bite" and reject it if the prey isn't in there diet #darkmeatisalwaysnasty

— evan turner (@thekidet) August 18, 2012

Making Important Netflix Decisions:

I'm in the mood to watch "Larry
crowne" tonight

— evan turner (@thekidet) August 19, 2012

In-Flight Pontificating:

I love the sky mall magazines but I
hate looking at them because I want to buy everything! Who doesn't need a
shelf that holds 2000 DVDs?

— evan turner
(@thekidet) August 19, 2012

Taking Photos of Precious Memories:

Me and Bella going on prom (Thad young's wedding) instagr.am/p/OfFlKxTSB9/

— evan turner (@thekidet) August 18, 2012

Living Dangerously:

Just checked my bag in at the airport
and it was 49.6 lbs. Glad it was under 50 or else I'd have to pay that
fine #cuttingitclose

— evan turner (@thekidet) August 15, 2012


Everyone go follow my cousin, he is young, ambitious and starting a clothing line featuring ties follow him @trefashion25

— evan turner (@thekidet) August 13, 2012

Singing Along to 19:

"in my hometown, memories of
friendsss. In my hometown, the people have met..." #adeleflow instagr.am/p/OLO7BDzSDX/

— evan turner (@thekidet) August 11, 2012

Experiencing the Fragility of Technology:

Just got my first crack
on the back of my iPhone

— evan turner (@thekidet)
August 11, 2012

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend...:

And all Philly fans should tweet at
Andre iguodala's and thank him for the time he put in. He's a class act
and a great role model #muchlove

— evan turner (@thekidet) August 10, 2012

...And Recognizing the Need to Step Up in His Absence:

Damn all my ol'
heads won't be on the squad next yr...I guess this is where the kid
becomes a man #letsgetit

— evan turner (@thekidet) August 10, 2012

a bonus tweet from one of our new faces (though not the big one, since
against all odds, dude doesn't appear to even have a twitter account):

Power walking is
the weirdest sport in the Olympics.

— Jason
Richardson (@jrich23) August 11, 2012

True story.

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