Why Is a Sixers Owner on Cover of Gossip Magazine?

Why Is a Sixers Owner on Cover of Gossip Magazine?
March 7, 2012, 7:39 pm
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It will probably come as no shock to many of you that we stumbled upon this cover of Star Magazine featuring partial Sixers' owner Will Smith sporting Phillies gear by reading Gawker, sort of. We actually watched a clip of NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams about Gawker founder Nick Denton (video below) which then prompted us to go read what the Gawker website had to say about the segment. Shockingly, there was no take on it when we visited, but we did end up clicking over to Jezebel's gossip mags post because we saw a throwback Phillies hat on the cover of a gossip rag.

Anyway, why is Will Smith on the cover of Star Magazine?

Here's what Jezebel has to say about it:

This is a weird story with a weird angle: The mag alleges that "as his marriage crumbles," Will Smith is "finding comfort" in Duane Martin. They have constant "boys' nights," and a recent itinerary included a wine bar and a private cruise in Trinidad, dining out at a restaurant and attending an art opening in Miami, then CES in Las Vegas and back to Trinidad. The copy claims that "some speculate" the two are lovers — but you get the feeling that by "some," they mean, "we, the editors at Star." Anyway, Jada "can't stand" Will's relationship with Duane — who, beeteedubs, is married to Tisha Campbell — and the kids are unhappy and Will has moved into a $7 million bachelor pad and everything is a mess.


The married couple showed all appearances of happyness when they were courtside at the Sixers game with their son Willow Jaden back in January.


Here's the Rock Center piece on Gawker for those interested:

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