Yes, Virginia, There is An Evan Turner: Sixers Beat Jazz 104-91

Yes, Virginia, There is An Evan Turner: Sixers Beat Jazz 104-91
March 9, 2012, 4:42 pm
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Lots of heroes for our Liberty Ballers in their not-runaway-but-decisive
win over the Utah Jazz. First and foremost, we had a pair of 21-point
bench scorers, with Lou Williams and the returning Thaddeus Young both
going blackjack, and getting to the line an impressive 18 times
combined. Jrue Holiday came alive in the second half to finish with 16
points on 7-11 shooting, with four dimes and four steals. Elton Brand
posted just an eight and nine but played stifling interior defense,
helping to keep Utah's imposing frontline of Al Jefferson and Paul
Millsap to a reasonable 29 combined points. And Andre Iguodala almost
got lost in the shuffle, but still managed a near-triple-double, a
10/7/10 without a single miss from the field. Indeed, the Sixers' second
win in a row was a most-characteristic team effort.

Still, the guy who's gonna get most of the attention in the team's win
tonight is Evan Turner. Playing in the starting lineup for a third time
and coming off a career-high 26 points against Boston on Wednesday, The
Extraterrestrial was again on his game tonight, not scoring at quite the
same volume but still ending up with 16 points on an efficient 7-12
shooting, along with a team-high 12 rebounds and six assists. In three
games since being moved to the starting lineup, ET is averaging 14.7
points and 11 rebounds a game, bouncing back and then some from his 1-12
performance in Milwaukee and playing beautifully alongside Jrue and
'Dre—the latter of whom Evan again had a gorgeous alley-oop hookup
tonight. This team is officially fun to watch again.

(One complaint about tonight's game: What the hell was with all the late
whistles? In that second half, fourth quarter especially, it was like
the refs were watching the game on a two-second tape delay—every foul
call, and there were a lot, was a good couple beats after the "foul"
supposedly happened. Both sides got jobbed an equal amount, so no
accusations of dirty pool, but man, nothing ruins the flow of a good
game like a bunch of late foul calls, and I've never seen a consecutive
stream of them like there were in the fourth quarter. Still, if that's
my biggest complaint...)

Day off tomorrow, then up I-95 to New York where the Sixers will be
taking on the Knicks in an Atlantic Division slugfest. It's a big game,
but after the last two wins—by a combined 45 points—it's a lot easier to
feel confident in our chances than it was when we had just lost of
eight and ten. A winning streak, guys! I know, I'd forgotten what it
felt like too. Heady stuff.

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