Your Sixers Distraction-Free NBA All-Star Thread

Your Sixers Distraction-Free NBA All-Star Thread
February 25, 2012, 1:57 pm
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No Sixers in tonight's All-Star Festivities—Jodie Meeks got jobbed for
the Three-Point Contest (and we blame this for his recent shooting
funk), Evan Turner is too exhausted from his near-triple-double
performance at the Rising Stars game to also compete in the Skills
Competition, and the NBA is still too embarrassed about letting Nate
Robinson steal the grand prize from Andre Iguodala in 2006 to invite
'Dre back to the Slam Dunk Contest. Still, it's All-Star Weekend, and
the festivities are always worth watching nonetheless. (Though as we
know, the Slam Dunk Contest is always either "dead" or "back," and last
year it was "back," so this year it might be "dead." Fair warning.)

Coverage starts at 8:00, and the actual festivites start at 8:30—in
order, the Shooting Stars, the Skills Competition, the Three-Point
Shootout and the Slam Dunk Contest. Feel to free to use this thread for
discussing the more noteworthy events. As for our predictions, we'll
take Jeremy Evans in the dunk contest, Mario Chalmers in the shootout,
Derrick Rose in the skills competition, and San Antonio in the Shooting
Stars. We're not even sure that San Antonio is in it this year, but they
probably are.

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