14 things that happened in Phillies' 14-inning loss to Giants

14 things that happened in Phillies' 14-inning loss to Giants
July 23, 2014, 9:45 am
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This guy (and not Jonathan Papelbon) earned the save on Tuesday night. Baseball is goofy. (AP Photo)

- 5 hours and 46 minutes passed.

- 507 pitches were thrown .

- Former Phillie Hunter Pence batted 8 times and hit a baseball 454 feet into Ashburn Alley. CRUSHED.

- Jonathan Papelbon blew a save in the ninth on a solo shot by Buster Posey.

- Tim Lincecum came in to pitch in the 14th inning and earned the first save of his career. He failed to record a strikeout for the first time in his 254 career appearances. He also "became the first pitcher since Sandy Koufax to pitch a no-hitter and earn a save in the same season." (via)

- Ryan Howard failed to deliver with runners in scoring position in extras on two separate occasions. He also wore this hat after the game and said a bunch of cliches:

- No pitchers played in the outfield but CSN did show footage of the amazing night Roy Oswalt caught a flyball in the 17th inning or something. May have been the highlight of the evening.

- Joel Embiid tweeted that he no longer wants to date Kim Kardashian and instead set his sights on Rhianna but later changed his mind back. Probably. Maybe killed a lion with a spear

- The Jeff Manship crashed and burned.

- Ryan Howard left seven men on base. Marlon Byrd left six men on base. 

- Ken Giles gave up his first run since his first appearance in the bigs, raising his ERA to 1.13.

- The Phillies actually had a little rally going in the bottom of the 14th and got the tying run to the plate. Fans watching at home were begging for a Dom Brown home run, mostly just to watch the Phillies beat writers at the game have (further) meltdowns on Twitter. Did they ever find a microwave for their bag of corn? We'll never know.

- Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen talked about breakfast plans.

- Finally, this:

Good night. Or good morning. Whatever.