Anonymous GM: Chip ‘doesn’t give a @#$%' what others think

Anonymous GM: Chip ‘doesn’t give a @#$%' what others think
August 26, 2014, 5:00 pm
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We know that by and large Philadelphia Eagles fans love Chip Kelly, but what does the NFL think of the second-year head coach? ESPN’s Mike Sando asked.

Sando polled 30 “league insiders” for their input on the 32 current head coaches, including where they rank and which of five tiers they belong on. Kelly ultimately landed in 12th, which was good for the second tier. Not surprisingly and somewhat justifiably, many of these insiders were hesitant to bump him up too high after just one season on the job.

It wasn’t so much Kelly’s ranking that was interesting, though, but instead what one general manager in particular had to say about him. We don’t know who said this, nor do we give a s---. It’s awesome either way.

"I think he is a 1," a GM said. "I just think he doesn't give a s--- what other people think, and he has his beliefs, he is outside the box and he is true to himself."

On the story available for ESPN Insiders only, Sando explains that while a good portion of those polled placed Kelly on either the first or second tier, an astounding nine voters actually dropped him to Tier 3. I guess he still has a lot to prove to a lot of folks around the league.

Then again, clearly he already has more than his fair share of believers.

"Kelly is the fascinating guy to me, because with a lot of these young [coaches] I'm not sure, but Chip has a chance to be really special," a former GM said while putting Kelly in the second tier with the arrow pointing up. "He is going to do it differently. Even the DeSean Jackson thing, he was not afraid to get rid of him. He thinks his system can overcome everything and sometimes those guys know. He interests me greatly."

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