The awful teal Flyers third jersey that never was

The awful teal Flyers third jersey that never was
July 14, 2014, 12:45 pm
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An alternative jersey that never was, designed by Ken Loh. Image via Icethetics

There was plenty of speculation about what a new alternative third jersey for the Flyers to wear in 2014-2015 would look like after the team revealed they would likely be unveiling one in the coming months. But instead of speculating about future styles, a website called Icethetics went back and discovered a wildly bold alternative third that was designed for the Flyers back in the mid 1990s.

It even prominently featured the color teal and, well, let's just all be thankful the design was never accepted with open arms by the team. unearthed the look by talking with its designer, Ken Loh, who was working for a California design agency during the period in the mid 90s when NHL teams were opting for wacky third designs. This is how he described the task to them:

While the brief was to redesign the jersey, we were encouraged to come up with new, alternate treatments for secondary logos and wordmarks. There wasn’t really any expectation that any of the artwork we designed would replace any of the existing team logos or identities at that time.
I don’t really remember any specifics around the use of teal, but as I noted, we were encouraged to experiment with “bold” statements so I imagine that was part of where that came from.

He finished the design work and then was not involved in the conversations with the organization so he's not sure how they felt about the design but it was never implemented.

You can read more about his other design work, including the logo for the New England Patriots and a cool L.A. Kings bearded burger king guy, here.

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