Bissinger tours Texas to find the real Nick Foles

Bissinger tours Texas to find the real Nick Foles
July 15, 2014, 11:15 am
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Buzz Bissinger just wants Nick Foles to enjoy a slug of whiskey.

The legendary documenter of Texas high school football took on the task of profiling the former Texas high school football star and current pride of the Eagles to try and figure out what's underneath all of that politeness and coach speak. But after a few thousand words, I'm not sure we know all that much more about Nick Foles.

His family was very, very wealthy. He comes from a very white place in Texas. His father is his harshest critic. He's been doubted his entire career. He leads by example. He didn't want to give an interview to old Buzz.

This portion of the lengthy profile that is featured on the cover of the July issue of Philadelphia Magazine seems to capture what Buzz was hoping to answer:

Particularly since Foles is the New Face of Philadelphia Sports in a sports-mad town, the newest promise to the Promised Land in the post-Donovan McNabb era. Is he capable of leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl one day? Was the 2013 season aberrant? How will he handle the pressure? Fans need to try to figure out what ticks inside him to remotely know any of the answers.

Instead, what has emerged is a one-dimensional choirboy caricature reflective of a player and a team and a league terrified of individuality. Foles is selling himself, and being sold by the born-again Eagles, as the anti-DeSean: contrite, non-charismatic, cautious, churchgoing, Caucasian. The perfect poster boy for Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and commissioner Roger Goodell’s vision of a new NFL theme park where players have no discernible personality and the Twitter account is laced with Glories to God.

I don’t believe this is all there is to Nick Foles. I definitely don’t believe it after spending extensive time in Austin talking to teammates and coaches and parents in the roots of Texas and high-school football that so define him. I now realize how different he is from every other player in the NFL.

You almost get the sense that Buzz would be happier if Foles would just wear some leather pants. Buzz would prefer Foles have a little Johnny Manziel or DeSean Jackson in him. Buzz seems to want swag but what Philadelphia wants is championships.

It's an interesting read but comes across more as a profile of where Nick Foles comes from than who he is today. It makes you wonder how long Foles can play under the biggest spotlight in sports-crazed city before we get to know who he really is.

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